Photo Video FUSION Albums!

A lot of companies offer photo and video services seperately, it's quite common actually, but what Rob and I have started doing is something brand new that's becoming popular on the west coast and a few edgy companies in NYC, called "Photo Video Fusion" and it's a completely different service. Fusion combines photos IN the actual video, puts video clips IN the digital photo albums, creates slideshows with photos and video, etc. It's a completely new photographic medium that really hasn't even hit this area yet. Luckily, Rob and I have taken the initiative to start this part of our company up before just about anyone else around here. Just google it to find out more about it.

You've probably already seen an example of our photo video fusion on the intro piece on our websites, or a video/photo fusion slideshow from Jennifer and Matthew's Engagement Party and Ty and Viviane's Wedding. It seems I can hardly contain myself from taking video!!

Well now, Rob and I have created our very first photo/video fusion digital ALBUM! Using Jenni and Kevin's photos and video that we shot together (along with my second shooter Andres Valenzuela), we created a killer piece! Now, it is only digital for the time being but with flimsy technology advancing rapidly and album companies such as Courture Book creating albums with iPod enabled won't be long before this is a tangible product!

Take a look at it. For the best effect, click on the video title to view in HD. You must have a fast connection to do this.

Digital Fusion Album - PHOTO/VIDEO FUSION from Rob Adams on Vimeo.

Our goal is to incorporate these into our destination wedding packages with this being something that is shown on the day after the wedding to the attendees at breakfast or brunch. It would be longer in format and likely include more of the reception as well. We already offer our Digital Fusion Album as part of our menu of services and the reaction so far has been great!

So excited for the future!!!