MARS School Seminar

Some more great seminar news! Rob and I are speaking at the MARS School 5-day workshop in Cape May. We'll be speaking on Monday night, the 3rd, and then participating in the Marketplace on Tuesday night where we'll be demonstrating our new PhVusion Effects Software. If you don't know about the MARS School, it's a non-profit organization that offers photographers week long programs with amazing speakers and workshops that are usually held out of the Grand Hotel in Cape May, NJ. This year they're celebrating their 14th Annual Conference and have invited Rob and I to take part in it.

We're particularly excited about this speaking gig - yea, we're calling them gig's now :-) -because on the first night of the conference, Canon will be speaking on PhVusion as relating to their VDSLRs, which will be the perfect scene-setter for what Rob and I will be doing the next night. We're really hoping to share as much knowledge as we can with everyone who's going and feel that with Canon opening the floor to photographers using the video function in the cameras they already have, we'll have a great group of people with open minds and eagerness to learn how they can apply it to their businesses.

Other speakers that are going to be at the MARS School are:

If you were thinking of checking out one of the MARS School conference, this is definitely the year to do it! Hopefully, we'll see some of you there!