New Seminar Announcement with Doug Gordon!

Great news all! Rob and I have been invited to speak in a full day lineup with speakers Doug Gordon, Clay Blackmore and Robert Isacson at "Bringing the Value Back to Photography" hosted by Pilot Imaging! As you can imagine we're extremely excited to be honored with speaking immediately after world-renowned photographer super-star Doug Gordon! We're going to have a more "PhVusion to improve your overall business" twist to this seminar to fit the objective for the day and hopefully (fingers crossed) we'll have our software, PhVusion Effects, almost to the release date! Don't know about PhVusion Effects yet? No worries, go to and click on Products for more info on the software and how to pre-order it.

So here's the info for this upcoming seminar:

May 12th - We're on at 11:15am VisArts Center in Rockville, Maryland Space is limited to 250 people, so sign up quickly!!

To register:

Best part? It's super cheap! Only $50 for the Early Bird Registration which is good until Friday, April 16th...and even after that, it's only $65 (but why not save the $15 for something special?).

I hope to see a lot of you there!! :-)