Rob and Vanessa in Animoto's Newsletter!

When Colyn from Animoto mentioned to me about his idea for putting a guest spot focusing on PhVusion in Animoto's newsletter, I completely jumped at the chance! Of course Rob and I just love educating other photographers on photo and video fusion and trying our best to get them to jump on the 21st century of photography bandwagon, but the truth is, I love writing articles!

I used to work for Lawn Doctor, you know, the green thumb people; and I would write marketing pieces all the time. So needless to say when article writing and PhVusion came together in a very cool company's newsletter, I was thrilled.

This month, I gave a basic intro to PhVusion and in the upcoming months I'll talk about more specifics of shooting, editing and presenting PhVusion products that you can sell to your clients or use for your own promotional purposes. Take a look at Animoto's May Newsletter to read the whole article!