Speaking Gigs

Rob and I have had so much fun this year speaking at various places such as PPANJ Central meeting, PPANJ/PPNYS State Convention, The Mars School and Pilot Imaging's "Bringing Back the Value to Photography" with Doug Gordon, Clay Blackmore and Robert Isaacson. We have been teaching photographers how to shoot video with their VDSLRs and showing them how to put together some PhVusion pieces like the Digital Album and Animoto Slideshows. We've also been pre-debuing our new software - PhVusion Effects - for photographers to grab before it goes out to all (Yikes!! It's actually ready for launch in a week or so!!).

I just have a few images to share taken by a few of the amazing photographers (Gary Lloyd and Jon Armstrong) that we met so you can get a feel for what Rob and I have been up to on the teaching end of things. We've also just been accepted to teach for PPA's Super Monday class in the fall where we'll teach a full day workshop on shooting and editing PhVusion pieces. Space is limited to only 20 people, so as soon as we're ready for registration, I'll let you guys know!
Thanks to all of the people that have supported us in the this endeavor!!