Animoto Newsletter Part 2!

Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that Rob and I are featured in this months newsletter from Animoto. You can see it here: This time we've focused on discussing how to shoot video with a DSLR camera along with some fun stabilizer toys that us photographers are mostly new to. Hope you enjoy it!!

Rob and I have OFFICIALLY RELEASED OUR NEW SOFTWARE - PhVusion Effects!! If you haven't heard about this yet, where've you been!? JK :-)
Rob and I have developed a sweet Adobe Photoshop script that allows you to edit video IN PHOTOSHOP!! That's right! You can import video clips from your DSLR, trim them, grab pictures from them, effect them (exposure control, glower, black and white, etc) and BATCH export them to 720 or 1080p! It helps you make you video clips look great next to your edited photos so that you can make slideshows (cough-using animoto-cough) like the one in the article above. :-)
To learn more about it (and hear my husband's super-sexy voice in a tutorial video) go to
Thanks guys!!!