Retouching in Lightroom

New Product Lets You Retouch in Lightroom!

I'm back from WPPI - the biggest wedding and portrait photography convention in the US (I think the world, but I'm not too sure of my stats so let's just stick with US). :-) I can't even explain how great it was to connect with other passionate photographers and industry leaders...and get to go skipping through the trade show aisles like a kid in a candy shop. What's better than shopping for photo gear? Shoes... I suppose that's better. But there weren't any photography shoes here so...

ANYWAY - I found an amazing program that I not only had to try out, but test it's learning curve (since I simply don't have hours upon end to learn new products). This program lets you retouch in Lightroom via custom brushes, rather than needing to go into Photoshop. Um, hello workflow life saver!?! Nice to meet you!

Take a look at the video just to see how easy and quick it is. And, if you want to get the $10 OFF CODE I have for this program just sign up here to grab it and you'll get it in your confirmation email. easy-peasy.


lightroom retouching
lightroom retouching