3 Things You Didn't Know LR Could Do

More and more Lightroom has become the go-to editing software for wedding photography, especially those who are hoping to quicken their post-processing workflow and not have to be in Photoshop so much. This Lightroom Tutorial will help you do things in Lightroom that you thought you could only do in Photoshop.

Thanks so much to Brett Jarnagin, inventor of the Lightroom Retouching Toolkit, for sharing these this Lightroom Tutorial that help us stay out of the Photoshop workflow and keep it in Lightroom once more.

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Learn how to apply tilt shift and sun flare effects in Lightroom (hey - can't always command those things on every photoshoot now can we?) as well as see a complete facial retouching technique all in this Lightroom Tutorial demonstrated in Lightroom 5.0, but applicable for Lightroom 4.0 as well. enJoy!

~ NJ Wedding Photographer Vanessa Joy ~