Wedding MBA

Weddings are a Huge Business

I can remember the first wedding I went to. I was about five, and I was the flower girl. It was my Uncle's wedding and it just happened to be on my birthday. They got me a cake, which is of course what I remember most, and sang me Happy Birthday in front of everyone.

Weddings, though evolved over the years, haven't changed all that much. Sure we have different trends, different brides and new technology that makes them different from 50 years ago. When it comes down to it though, weddings are still the same. Weddings are one of the most important days in not only the bride and groom's lives, but a beautiful day in the lives of their friends and family as well.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, it has to do with weddings and the fact that in being a photographer and business owner, I chose to dive face-first into the wedding world. I've only dug deeper over the past 8 years of owning my business and teaching other photographers around the world and I'm extremely proud to announce that now I'll be teaching wedding business owners as well.

This October 3rd through 5th you can find me in Las Vegas, teaching small business owners about the importance and how-to behind the video marketing that is essential in any business today. If you're a wedding professional, this is where you need to be. Learn the best practices for making your business thrive in today's wedding industry and meet new colleagues that will motivate and help support your journey to the top. Grab your ticket to Wedding MBA today. A huge thank you to Animoto for supporting me along the way and helping make video marketing easy for me.

Here's just a small preview of the video marketing that I use for my business! If you don't already have Animoto (who I used to make this video) make sure you get the pro version for 20% off with the code VANESSA2016.

Vanessa Adams