Shooting and Posing for Weddings

Shooting and Posing for Weddings


Disclaimer: This is great learning right here but it’s old. Meaning low quality video and from a little while ago. I still think it’s worth the $28, but if small videos are a turn-off for you and you can’t learn past them then this isn’t for you. Just being honest. :-)

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Part 1 of a 4 Part Webinar Series.

Learn how Vanessa sees and looks for light when photographing details, bride and groom alone + together, bridal party and family photos. She’ll discuss her method to posing groups quickly (after all, who has time on a wedding?), secrets to creating flattering poses for overweight subjects and how to show a real connection between a bride and a groom (even if there isn’t one!). From getting ready to reception, Vanessa will cover light, camera settings and posing methods to photographing each part of the day.

Running Time: approx. 90 minutes

Format: Webinar/Keynote

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