What is a leader?

Merriam Webster defines a leader as a guide.

A guide is defined as “a person who exhibits and explains points of interest,” and “something that provides a person with guiding information.”

Leaders are those we look for to teach us a “point of interest”. They are experts that guide areas of our lives. They are not connoisseurs of all things – then they’d just be a jack-of-all-trades instead of a master of one.

I wouldn’t ask Tiger Woods for marriage advice, but that doesn’t disqualify his ability to teach me a thing or two about what putter to buy.

One of the best things we can learn from is a leader’s failure. One of the strongest ways we relate to our leaders is through their flaws. It’s why every super hero has one.

Even the man of steel has his kryptonite.

Without having flaws and finding how to work with them, leaders don’t lead as effectively. Without growing and striving for new things, making mistakes and getting back up again, we lose the very qualities leadership demands.


Mistakes and failures help mold us into

who we will ultimately become.


Having the courage to keep trying new things, even though we may fail, is part of a strong character we all should strive for. Why do we condemn our teachers, our leaders, of exhibiting the same characteristics we know manifest in successful entrepreneurs?


We have to stop looking at leaders as

something other than human.


Do I think leaders should be held to a higher standard? Yes. Absolutely. The Bible even warns people to not become teachers because teachers will be judged more heavily (James 3:1). Do I think they should be stoned every time a flaw is exposed? No. Absolutely not.


There are no perfect humans. If you’re looking for perfection, look nowhere other than the cross. If you’re looking for condemnation, condemn no one other than yourself. In the meantime, do not let yourself be responsible for tearing down those who we need to build us up in your vain search for perfection.


Or the only leader we’ll be left with is one that’s a master of



and lies.

Vanessa AdamsComment