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Take impressive photos across different genres, styles, and ways of shooting


Feel like a confident professional in front of your clients — no matter the situation


Set up your camera quickly and get results faster, no fumbling through settings


Be creative because you know how to handle lighting, posing, settings, and more


See behind-the-scenes of how a real-life professional photographer handles real-world situations to create effortless experiences

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Exclusive monthly content and behind-the-scenes lessons teaching photography concepts and techniques like...

Posing and Portraits
Lighting Indoors
Lighting Outdoors
Natural Light
On and Off-Camera Flash
Using Strobes
Continuous Lighting
Posing Groups
Posing with Movement
Studio and Headshots
Night Photography
Low Light Photography
Weddings and Events
Ambient Light and Flash
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What you'll get each month:

  • One long-form video (10-20+ minutes)

To go in-depth with step-by-step instructions of a photo topic, or a behind-the-scenes video of a real photo job. 

  • One short-form video (half the time)

The Cliff's Notes version of long videos so you get the info you need fast. For when you need to get your gear and get going. (Does not apply for behind-the-scenes videos)

  • Worksheets

Use the worksheets as your guide as you follow along the videos with easy fill-in-the-blanks.

  • Optional quizzes

Every video is followed by an optional quiz so you can make sure you've absorbed all of the information.

  • Exclusive community

Network and collaborate with other photographers, ask questions and promote yourself. Much better than a Facebook group!

  • Live content

Watch live broadcasts of photo shoots, or join other members for live group coaching sessions. 

Plus these bonuses:

Member-Only Discounts

Worth over $1600 and COUNTING — over 8-10x more value than the cost of membership! Immediately available to you when you enroll. 

  • H&H Color Lab + N-Vu
  • Rotolight + Manfrotto
  • Fundy + CaptureOne
  • SquareSpace + 17Hats
  • Canon CPS
  • Freedom Edits
  • FilterPixel
  • And more!

Business downloads

$300+ worth of templates and resources to make it easier to run your business and take great photos in a lot less time.

  • Workflows
  • Lead email templates
  • Posing guides
  • Price lists
This membership was made for you

Stop worrying about your gear

  • No matter which camera you use

Or what lights you have because Vanessa is teaching core photography concepts, not how to use certain gear.

  • For all types of photographers 

You can benefit from this visual, hands-on style of education whether you do portraits, weddings, or something else.

  • From beginner to advanced

If you are ready to learn and always improving your craft, then this membership will take your photography (and your confidence!) to the next level!

  • Even if you've never used a flash

You’ll start mastering lighting with flash and strobes in no time with Vanessa’s easy-to-understand methods of teaching.

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  • Long and short-form videos
  • Worksheets to follow along
  • Optional quizzes to absorb the information
  • Community to network with other photographers
  • Live broadcasts to see live photo shoots or join a coaching session

Plus instant access to:

  • $300+ worth of downloads and templates for your business

  • $1600+ worth of member deals for exclusive discounts 

$2,200 Value: SAVE $1,850+




  • Long and short-form videos
  • Worksheets to follow along
  • Optional quizzes to absorb the information
  • Community to network with other photographers
  • Live broadcasts to see live photo shoots or join a coaching session

Plus instant access to:

  • $300+ worth of downloads and templates for your business

  • $1600+ worth of member deals for exclusive discounts

$2,200 Value: SAVE $1,900+


Always know what to do
— no matter what happens

It happens to all photographers…

  • The subject is running late
  • There is no good light to be found
  • The weather (or the family members!) are not cooperating

What do you do?

Trust in what you’ve learned through comprehensive, industry-leading educational resources.


Emily felt more confident in action

"Watching her videos made me feel more confident as a photographer."

“Vanessa's educational videos helped me find more interesting compositions in real time, thinking on my feet about layers, putting something in the foreground, close/medium/wide shots, and perspective.

Watching her videos made me feel more confident as a photographer because no matter what the situation is or how little control I may have over some aspects of the scene, I have a starting point for how to approach the situation, and practical tips for how to make the best shot possible in the circumstances.

Before encountering Vanessa's channel I knew a fair amount of composition theory, but felt frustrated that I couldn't seem to apply that knowledge in the field, where it counts the most.”

— Emily C.
Get the perfect shots — faster! 

"A recent client said she loves how I'm able to capture real moments"

“I’m much faster at getting all the shots I need in a few minutes instead of constantly wondering what I should do next. I look more professional.

It’s helped my clients feel more relaxed, which helps me relax, so we all end up having a better experience.

A recent wedding client said she loves how I’m able to capture real moments and was bawling when she saw her engagement photos."

— Stephanie C.

Stop wasting time

Enough with mediocre education that gets you mediocre results.

You could spend your time searching for YouTube videos...

But it’s too easy to get lost in an overwhelming amount of videos and not find what you need (or forget what you were looking for in the first place!). And you’re definitely not going to find a community of photographers to connect and collaborate with.

You could take another photography course...

But those don’t have LIVE coaching sessions to get your actual questions answered for your unique situation. They don’t have LIVE photo shoots so you learn how to approach real-world situations and how to handle the unexpected.

You could take advice from anyone on the internet...

But you might want to learn from someone who has been in the industry for 20+ years, is a Canon Explorer of Light and Profoto Legend of Light, and knows how to teach. You will get the behind-the-scenes of real jobs with paying clients in addition to step-by-step photography direction.

Photo Insiders is for you and the time is now

Sign me up! I want to elevate my craft now
Hands-on with real world applications

“I love the way you teach and put your materials together. It is very hands-on and shows it being applied in the real world.”

— Nicholle S.

It would be worth it if all you got was more technical skill to take creative photos...

But you're also getting:
  • Live group coaching sessions to get answers to your questions

  • An exclusive community of photographers to collaborate with

  • Over $1000 value in vendor discounts

  • Go in-depth with step-by-step instructions in long-form videos

  •  Exclusive educational content, not available anywhere else

  • Downloads to make your business and shoots easier

  • Watch live shoots to see how to handle real-life situations in real-time

  • Get your gear and get going with short videos to learn fast

  • Elevate your craft with the help of Vanessa Joy

A practical approach to photography

"You don't withhold your knowledge and secrets — you offer them freely to help us succeed and excel" 

“I appreciate how you pay attention to detail and are always available to help out if you can with our questions and challenges.

You are not the kind of photographer/teacher to withhold settings and other technical information. You offer them freely to help us succeed and excel.

Getting answers to my problems has made me more confident in how I approach things, practice and the practical applications thru your videos is almost unheard of these days.

I only wish when I come up against something I could have a direct line video for you to whisper what I need to do at a particular time while you are watching me shoot LOL.“

— Charles R.
For new and experienced photographers

"Everyone can gain lots of knowledge from this." 

“Up and coming photographers along with experienced photographers will all gain lots of knowledge and tips from this. I wish I had something like this when I started out.”

— Jarrett J.


Real-world scenarios, not just theory 

"I love that you teach from a practical standpoint"

I love your energy and the reality you have written from. It's not just a theoretical comment of "you should do this..." but rather a practical standpoint of "Do this! I learned / failed / tried again and it works!'"

— John
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Meet Your Instructor

About Vanessa Joy

Credit: Texas Touch Photography and Sarah Tribett

Credit: Sarah Tribett


For the past 20+ years, Vanessa has been photographing events, portraits and marketing projects and has been published in places like Yahoo!News, Grace Ormonde, Style Me Pretty, Rangefinder, Professional Photographer Magazine and many, many more.

She was hired by well-known companies like Bravo, Canon, David Tutera, The Knot and Hilton all while educating pros worldwide as an influential speaker for well over a decade.


Vanessa Joy has earned 5 college degrees (Education, Spanish, Photography, Music and Social Sciences), received a PPA Photographic Craftsman degree and Grand Imaging Award, been named a WeddingPro Education Expert, and has been sponsored by Canon, Adorama and Profoto to name a few.

She’s a Canon Explorer of Light, an honor given to only 5 wedding photographers in the United States.


Being a mother of two and having previously been a Spanish teacher, Vanessa knows how to explain concepts so that you can actually practice it (and not just talk about her work!). Your sessions will be both easy to understand and fun to watch!

Vanessa’s tangible, informative and open-book style of teaching is loved by over 77,000 subscribers on YouTube and 110,000 on Instagram.

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See results in your photos and your confidence

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"More than me explaining in words, it's the before and after pictures that will give you all the reasons why you should have Vanessa as your mentor."

— Bhuvana D.

Before and After shots submitted by our students, Stephanie Coulter, Luise Bruen, Gregor Sticker, Gregor Sticker, Preveen Rodrigo and Jeff Zwicker

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