Social Media Can Work For Your Business—even without a big following!

Social media will add credibility, brand recognition, and bookings to your business!

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Hot Platforms

We'll focus on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok primarily.

Social Versatility

The root of the teaching can be applied to any social media platform.

Don't Be Left Behind

I've seen countless business feel like they'll never keep up with social media trends. Small business owners feel overwhelmed and disheartened that they're not getting the surge of business they should be.

It's not as difficult as it seems. 

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Learn from a REAL business owner.


We're all sick of professional educators not actually practicing what they preach. I'm not one of them. 

I'm Vanessa Joy and my primary, six-figure NET income is through my small business in photography.

I know social media and use it in my own business. Look at my Instagram, check out my TikTok. I'm applying what I know, and showing you what's working and what's not.

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I've taught around the world for 10+ years and earned these accolades to make sure that I am teaching you the absolute best!


  • B.A. in Education (plus 4 other college degrees)
  • Official Canon Explorer of Light Ambassador 
  • Sponsored Profoto Legend of Light 
  • 20 years in My Profession
  • 12 years running one of the World's Top Studios

Tomorrow is Too Late 

Learn from a 6-figure earner with 10k followers today...I'm holding nothing back!

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