Vanessa Joy's

Speed Posing Course

Be a photographer that poses with precision + speed without stressing out, drawing blanks or failing to deliver a variety of images.


Have complete confidence in any photo situation.



"I'm behind my camera and my subjects are staring blankly at me... I have no idea how to proceed."

"I snap a bunch of extra frames of the same thing to give myself time to think."

"My clients don't know my mind is desperately racing to plan my next move."

"I get flustered because I run out of ideas and it makes me feel like I'm not good enough."

"I struggle with lack of confidence with I know they are relying on me to come up with good poses."

"I freeze up and start to worry if they think I am doing a good job."

"I lose confidence with couple who aren't naturals in front of the camera, if there's a tight timeline, or with really large bridal parties."

"I worry that I'll draw a blank, they'll sense my lack of posing skills and it will show in their expressions."

I know you're frustrated stepping in front of clients and instantly feeling unconfident, unprofessional and like you don’t know what you're doing.

Why Not Just Posing?

Why SPEED posing?

  • Most photographers pose well when they have an hour of time. But being able to pose in 10 minutes or less will save you when schedule is tight or running late.
  • When you don’t have enough time it causes anxiety which leads to brain farts, disconnect from clients and hindering creativity.
  • Posing needs to be easy and fast to keep your clients interested.
  • Maximize quality images from a session when you have a short amount of time.
  • Jump in confidently when timelines are tight and know how to get what you need quickly.
  • You need the ability to move quickly while still accommodating everyone and getting good images out of the session.
  • You need a strategy to vary the poses, angles and crops without slowing down.
  • You have to work through the family photo list quickly while getting them to look natural in poses.
  • You need to get quality, creative images from any session that are more than just “fine” for the client, but ones you can be proud of too.
  • Having a plan that speeds up the staple photos means you get more time for creativity and exploration.


More confidence shooting :: Impress clients and book more jobs :: Never stress about time crunches :: Have time for creativity :: Sell more because your clients love their photos

Speed Posing will make you LOOK and FEEL like the pro YOU ARE.

Speed Posing course will help you:

Get Creative

Wean off that Pinterest board and build your own style of shooting, by posing quickly, smoothly and organically transitioning from pose to pose. 

Get Close

Connect with your clients, bring out their personality which will make them love their photos, buy more and recommend you to everyone!

Get Confident

Have a toolkit to pull from that will restore your confidence and make you look stellar on-the-job in front of existing and potential clients. Instant Word-of-Mouth marketing!

Here's what it's all about!


You watched that whole thing? You could've been through your first section of the course by now!


7 SHORT, Easy, Mobile-Friendly Course Videos

Why short? Because I make it easy and don't gab for hours or get overcomplicated. We waste zero time on the fluff - because there isn't any. And all the videos are available to you immediately after enrolling.

LIVE behind-the-scenes Engagement Session

No models - just a real couple getting married and you peaking in on the actual session to hear what I really say and see what I really do.

Fly on the Wall Style Teaching

There are two parts to every section, one where I talk to you about the process, and one where you just watch me do it like I would during a real shoot. It's like being right beside me while I photograph families, couples, individuals and groups as fast as possible!

Curated Support Videos

I teach a lot about posing in general, so in addition to learning the speed posing process, I want you learning about posing in general. I've curated some of my favorite videos on the topic so they're right at your fingertips!

Raving Fans! 

The messages I get from photographers that have revolutionized their way of shooting, and can't imagine going back, are so much fun to receive! I can't help but share them here and there.

Hi! I'm Vanessa Joy

I’ve been a photographer for 20 years and I'm a Canon Explorer of Light. I know what it feels like to have a lack of confidence in a photo situation where all eyes are on you. I’ve learned and taught thousands of photographers exactly how to overcome that fear and anxiety, bring full confidence to any session and be memorable and engaging while doing it.

Posing couples at weddings used to be being the scariest part of the day. Posing is hard enough, but having no time to do it is down right daunting. I got fed up, and created my speed posing system which reduced my stress, and gave me dozens of poses to do that took very little time. I’ve shot incredible high-end weddings for 10 years and grossed over 2 million dollars so far, but I didn’t start out that way. I made a ton of mistakes and learned a lot the hard way. My new course will give you the short cut to outstanding, confident and beautiful posing that takes minutes seconds to nail.

The good news is that you can feel totally confident in delivering quality, creative images to your couples no matter what the day throws at you. Feeling lost, drawing blanks, fear of freezing up and losing time stops today!

What to Expect from this Course

A plan to vary poses, angles and crops without slowing down.

An approach to photographing quickly and effectively.

Solutions for keeping consistent lighting throughout a session.

Easy ways to capture large (and crazy) bridal parties.

Tools to work through a family photo list in 6 minutes flat.

The confidence to shoot what you need in a crazy fast amount of time.

Guidelines to quickly make everyone look flattering.

How to get away from the “Straight Line” posing.

Ways to get groups to look natural in poses.

Solutions to get a ton of bridal party and B&G photos that will help you sell more and market better.

Easy communication tips to use with your clients to get what you want from them during a session.

How to let your poses flow naturally from one to another.


(because why would I ever give you just one thing?)

Client Questionnaire

Communication before the shoot gives you a head start on how to make your clients happy and pose them to look like themselves. Sell more by creating images that speak to your clients by starting out with this simple 5 question survey.

Posing Cheat Sheet

Grab from quick ideas if you run out of your own or get bored. This grouping of 100+ photos will easily will get back on track if you ever get stuck.



Family Starter List

Never forget a family grouping again. Easily get on the same page as your clients with realistic photo list expectations and breeze through family lists quickly, even if you have the priest or planner breathing down your neck.

2nd Shooter Training Manual

Get hired, wow-them, get hired again, make more money. Or, use this to train your second photographers that work on your jobs.

SUPER Bonus Posing Phrasing Guide!

Stop taking pictures and start telling stories with these 27 helpful phrases.

Help Them

Prompts and direction to give clients to get them relaxed and interacting together.

Stop relying on your clients to be “naturals” in front of the camera. 

Trick your clients into thinking they aren’t posed.

Overcome clients' poor self image of themselves and make them feel confident.

Help Awkard Moments

How to politely ask to steal them away from the reception when the lighting is good.

Ways to deal with a family or bridal party members that wants to “take over” your session with their ideas or photo requests.

Methods for getting people to move to a more-ideal location.

Help You

Command intimate or fun moments in seconds with emotion evoking phrases to get genuine responses.

Be a master of handling moods for people that aren't particularly fond of being in pictures.

Make them look like they're naturally interacting and less stiffly posed.

Keep them excited so you don't "lose them" while you are shooting.



Here are two glimpses into the course!

(shot in front of a LIVE audience with REAL students!)



You're just THREE STEPS AWAY from pure confidence that your clients are going to love your images more than they love their friend’s images who hired a different photographer.


THIS WON’T TAKE HOURS TO LEARN. I’ve taken the fluff out and just left you with tools you need to create quality images every time.


Jump to the sections that you need like where to start, how to transition poses and how to vary angles, crops and poses.


Confidently put your new tricks into practice in your next shoot, watch your clients gush and enJoy your sales going up.

Hear how Amie and Raymond are using Speed Posing to book more jobs and get creative!



Would it be worth it if...?

  • You have more confidence shooting.
  • You impress the people you’re photographing and book new jobs.
  • You never have to worry about time crunches.
  • You photograph the “must-have’s” quickly and have time for pure creativity.
  • You make your clients feel relaxed and have fun with photos.
  • You sell more products because your clients love their photos.

Vanessa Joy is also a Photo Ambassador for:

Easy, Accessible, Flexible

No waiting for photo conferences to learn what you need. Have pure knowledge, thats EASY to learn, streaming at your fingertips whenever you need it.




1 - 5 Hours of Video Lessons

Live, REAL Engagement Session Video

BONUS Client Questionnaire

BONUS Posing Cheat Sheet

BONUS Family Starter List

SUPER BONUS Posing Phrasing Guide

Complete Confidence and Skill in ANY Photo Situation





1 - 5 Hours of Video Lessons

Live, REAL Engagement Session Video

BONUS Client Questionnaire

BONUS Posing Cheat Sheet

BONUS Family Starter List

SUPER BONUS Posing Phrasing Guide

Complete Confidence and Skill in ANY Photo Situation





In-Person 1-on-1 Instruction

Pre-Coaching Strategy Session

3 Hour Mock Couples Shoot

Mock Shoot Photo Critique

1 - 5 Hours of Video Lessons

Live, REAL Engagement Session Video

BONUS Client Questionnaire

BONUS Posing Cheat Sheet

BONUS Family Starter List

SUPER BONUS Posing Phrasing Guide

Complete Confidence and Skill in ANY Photo Situation


Here are even more photographers will tell you how mind-blowingly game-changing this course has been for them!

"The information you will learn from Vanessa Joy, an expert in the wedding photography field, is invaluable. It will open your eyes to how fast and efficient her method is. I didn’t know I needed this and now I can’t image going back to my old ways! The course provides incredible and useful information that has already made me think about posing differently. Before I felt nervous about posing but now I feel empowered! The event was fun and informative. Vanessa is patient, articulate and professional. I can’t wait for her next course! "

Crystal Stewart

"If you are looking for a teacher that practices what she preaches this is the course you for. It is super clear and straight to the point and brought me from nervous to confident in posing. The course was a blast, very informative and anyone who watches will learn so much. "

Melodie Rivera

"This course is different than other posing courses. Not only did the course make me much more efficient with time while photographing people, I will get more variety in less time to show my clients and be more strategic on how I capture photos of singles, couples groups of people. It was to the point, will fun and filled with practical techniques that will easily be implemented into my work. This course made me feel grateful, exhilarated and now EXCITED about posing!"

Erik Colonese

"This course made me better prepared for dealing with posing. It will get you what you need to know quickly and clearly and help you be organized. I was unsure about posing before, but now I am confident! Great stuff - wonderful and low key learning - no stress."

Joy Yagid

"There is so much valuable information on steps to accomplish before the photo session in order to make the session run smoothly as well as the psychology of photographing people. Vanessa’s running commentary has so many tips and tricks to use outside of posed sessions. Now I am confident instead of awkward posing my clients."

Rhoda Gordon

"There's more than just photography to this course. Hints on the importance of the interaction, techniques such as crop circles and in and out of the family groups, planning the sequence of events are all invaluable lessons to be utilized in many portrait applications. The techniques to improve consistency and quality, while optimizing time most effectively, is important in organizing lifestyle poses while interacting to help relax the client. Before I felt stiff in my posing, now I am ore confident in shooting lifestyle photos."

Bill Baker

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