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The mission

As a Canon Explorer of Light, Profoto Legend of Light and highly sought-after branding, portrait and wedding photographer, Vanessa helps photographers take their craft to the next level and empowers both their creativity and business sense.

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Vanessa Joy's Photo Insiders

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This is your immediate access to Vanessa and her inner circle. Become a member of this thriving photography community to hear directly from Vanessa, request video topics and submit questions for interactive group coaching calls.

  • Actionable content
  • Exclusive community
  • Live photoshoots
  • Group coaching
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Travel & shoot with Vanessa

6-day photo adventure in Croatia

A 6-day learning experience in Croatia - a fantasy land with rural villages, old traditions, and a cuisine seemingly untouched by time. Join Vanessa in portfolio-building shoots featuring jaw-dropping Croatian fantasy-like waters and ancient villages (Game of Thrones filmed here after all!).

Learn from discussions on editing, marketing and whatever else you might need in your photography journey.

  • For beginner and experienced photographers
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Private mentoring

Work 1:1 with Vanessa

This isn’t a one-and-done phone call. It’s a minimum 3-month commitment to inviting Vanessa into your photography journey to help mold and shape both your craft and your business.

Beginners and advanced professionals are welcome as long as you’re ready to work and make serious advances in your career.

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Travel & shoot with Vanessa

3-day wedding photography workshop

A 3-day learning experience in Georgetown, TX, right outside of Austin. Join Vanessa, Meredith Ryncarz and H&H Color Lab for an intensive and immersive workshop meant to boost you forward in your wedding photography career.

Designed for committed wedding photographers who want to transform their business and raise their profitability.

  • For intermediate and experienced wedding photographers
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Speaking, media & partnerships

Team up with Vanessa

Vanessa is available for select speaking engagements, social media collaborations and sponsored YouTube videos, and midroll advertisements. Paid inquiries only.

Trade-for-gear/experience inquiries will not be answered.

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