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BUDGET Photography Gear SHOOTOUT | ft. Audrey Woulard | Ep 10

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BUDGET Photography Gear

Have you ever wondered if it's the camera or the photographer that truly makes a great image? Well, in a recent experiment, I had the opportunity to explore this question firsthand. I gathered a group of experienced photographers and challenged them to use entry-level or outdated gear in a budget photography gear shootout. Sponsored by Canon Printers, this experiment pushed us to unleash our creativity and see what we could achieve with affordable equipment. Join me as I share my experience and the surprising results of this unique challenge.

Meeting Audrey and Exploring Niche Photography Styles:

Before diving into the gear shootout, I had the pleasure of meeting Audrey, a talented photographer with a distinct style. Audrey's niche lies in capturing the essence of kids and infusing her photographs with a touch of attitude. Her style can be described as a mix between senior portraits and rugged charm. We bonded over our shared passion for photography and prepared ourselves for the exciting experiment that awaited us.

The Gear Lineup: Entry-Level Cameras and Lenses

As the shootout began, we unveiled our chosen gear. Audrey showcased her trusty Nikon D70, the very first camera she used when starting her photography business. Despite its age and visible signs of wear, Audrey still manages to create stunning images with this outdated gem. Paired with an 85mm f/1.4 lens, her setup proves that great photography isn't solely dependent on the latest equipment.

On the other hand, I proudly presented my Canon EOS 10D, a camera I purchased as my very first DSLR. Prior to that, I had relied on film cameras passed down from my mother. Equipped with a budget-friendly 50mm f/1.8 lens, my setup may not scream cutting-edge technology, but it has a charm of its own.

Shooting with Entry-Level Gear: Triumphs and Challenges

Once we had our gear ready, we dived into shooting with enthusiasm. The shootout allowed us to explore the limits of our equipment and embrace the unexpected challenges that arose. As we captured moments with our subjects, we realized that our outdated cameras had their quirks. From dusty lenses to misplaced buttons and even dirty viewfinders, our gear presented its fair share of obstacles.

However, instead of getting discouraged, we pushed through and adapted our shooting techniques. Audrey's cropped sensor limited her framing possibilities, but she compensated by infusing attitude into her compositions. Meanwhile, I had to rely on the histogram and the limited 6.3-megapixel resolution to gauge exposure and focus accurately. The shoot turned into a learning experience, showcasing our adaptability and resilience as photographers.

The Editing and Printing Process: Telling the Story

After an exhilarating shoot, we moved on to the editing and printing stage. As photographers, our responsibility doesn't end with capturing the story; it extends to telling it through our chosen medium. In this case, it was essential to print the images to truly evaluate their impact. Utilizing the Canon PIXMA Pro 200 printer and a range of Canon papers, we embarked on the final step of our experiment.

We carefully selected the appropriate paper for each photo, aiming to bring out the best in our budget gear-captured images. The Canon lustre paper added a subtle shine and enhanced the vibrancy of our photographs. The printing process highlighted the importance of tangible representation and allowed us to evaluate our work in a new light.

The Final Reveal: Evaluating the Results

With our printed photos in hand, it was time for the final reveal. We compared our images side by side, showcasing the diverse styles and perspectives we brought to the shoot. The experiment proved that even with entry-level gear, photographers can create compelling and evocative images

. It's not always about the latest technology but rather the vision and creativity behind the lens.

Conclusion: Unleashing Creativity with Limited Resources

The budget photography gear shootout challenged our assumptions about the correlation between gear and image quality. It reminded us that it's the photographer's eye, technical skills, and artistic vision that ultimately define a great photograph. By embracing the limitations of our budget equipment, we discovered new techniques, adapted our shooting styles, and expanded our creativity.

This experiment serves as a reminder that photography is an art form that transcends the tools we use. It's about capturing moments, telling stories, and connecting with our subjects and viewers. Whether you have the latest gear or an old camera gathering dust, don't let it limit your potential. Embrace the challenge, push your boundaries, and let your creativity shine through.

We hope you enjoyed joining us on this budget photography gear shootout adventure. Remember to vote for your favorite photo and share your thoughts on shooting with entry-level gear. Stay tuned for more exciting content and challenges ahead. Subscribe and join our community as we continue to explore the fascinating world of photography.


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