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BUDGET Photography Gear SHOOTOUT | ft. Sal Cincotta| Ep 12

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BUDGET Photography Gear

In the world of photography, there is a common saying that it's not the camera but the photographer that makes a great image. But what happens when experienced photographers are given entry-level or outdated gear to work with? In this budget photography gear shootout, we dive into the realm of inexpensive equipment and see how skilled photographers can still create stunning photos. Join me, Vanessa Joy, as I take on this challenge with a fellow photographer using the Canon EOS 10D, a camera that holds nostalgic value for both of us.

Setting the Stage: As we dust off the Canon EOS 10D, the first digital SLR camera for both of us, we can't help but marvel at how far technology has come. The bulky design and slow response times bring back memories of our early photography days. But equipped with this outdated gear, we embark on a photo shoot with Chelsea Dawn, a stunning subject ready to be captured.

The Shoot Begins: With limited focus points and outdated features, we face the challenges head-on. Focusing and recomposing become a struggle, but we remain determined to create remarkable images. While I usually let others shoot first as I play the role of a supportive heckler, this time, I decide to take the lead. Armed with my trusty camera and an eagerness to prove that gear doesn't define talent, I begin photographing Chelsea.

Overcoming Obstacles: As we navigate through the limitations of the camera, we find ourselves adapting our shooting style. Despite the camera's shortcomings, we focus on capturing Chelsea's beauty and the essence of the moment. From experimenting with different poses and compositions to adjusting settings, we push the boundaries of what can be achieved with entry-level equipment.

An Unconventional Shooting Pose: In the midst of the shoot, a lighthearted moment arises as we discuss my signature shooting pose. I demonstrate a playful stance, eliciting laughter from everyone involved. Embracing the light-heartedness, I incorporate humor and playfulness into the shoot, hoping it will add an extra dimension to the final images.

Creative Approaches: With limited control over settings and no viewfinder, we rely on our experience and intuition to capture compelling shots. The white wall serves as a backdrop, creating a high-key effect that makes Chelsea's vibrant red outfit pop. We experiment with different angles, focal lengths, and perspectives, determined to produce a diverse range of shots despite the camera's limitations.

Editing and Printing: After the photo shoot, it's time to review and edit our images. We transfer the files to our computers, eager to see the results of our efforts. I choose to work with black and white photos, utilizing the Canon PIXMA Pro-200 printer to bring them to life. The printer's quality impresses me as it faithfully reproduces the nuances of my black and white images.

The Final Decision: With our printed photos in hand, the ultimate decision lies with you, the viewer. As you examine our images, it's important to remember that these were captured using outdated gear. Despite the challenges, we aimed to create compelling and evocative photographs that showcase the power of skill and creativity over equipment.

Conclusion: In the world of photography, gear plays a significant role, but it's essential to remember that a skilled photographer can still create remarkable images, even with entry-level or outdated equipment. The budget photography gear shootout taught us to adapt, be resourceful, and focus on the art of capturing moments rather than relying solely on the gear. So, the next time you think it's all about the camera, remember that it's ultimately the photographer's vision and expertise that brings a photograph to life.

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