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BUDGET Photography Gear SHOOTOUT | ft. Miguel Quiles | Ep 4

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BUDGET Photography Gear

In the world of photography, it's often said that the skill of the photographer matters more than the camera they use. But what happens when experienced photographers are challenged to work with entry-level or outdated gear? In a captivating YouTube series called the "Budget Photography Gear Shootout," photographers push their creative boundaries using inexpensive equipment. In this episode, I had the opportunity to team up with renowned photographer Miguel Quiles to explore the possibilities of budget-friendly cameras. Join us as we take on the challenge and discover the unexpected results.

Getting to Know Miguel Quiles: Before diving into the shoot, let's get acquainted with my partner for this challenge. Miguel Quiles, a prominent figure in the photography industry and known for his work with Sony and on YouTube, joins me in this adventure. With his expertise in portrait, beauty, and headshot photography, Miguel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. We may no longer be neighbors, but our passion for photography continues to connect us.

Gear Selection: To level the playing field, we both opted for affordable and compact camera options. I chose the Canon M50 Mark II paired with a 32mm 1.4 EFM lens—a small and versatile setup. Miguel, on the other hand, went for the Sony ZV1, a compact camera that he often relies on for on-the-go shoots. Equipped with a cage to provide a better grip, Miguel's setup allowed him to capture stunning images while remaining lightweight and agile.

Introducing our Model, Erica Lynn: No photo shoot is complete without a talented model, and we were fortunate to work with the lovely Erica Lynn. Her captivating presence and impeccable posing skills added an extra dimension to our images. We highly recommend checking out her Instagram, which we've linked in the video description, to see more of her remarkable work.

Unlimited Time for Creativity: With no time constraints, Miguel and I set out to capture compelling shots, experimenting with different poses, lighting, and compositions. Our aim was to create visually appealing images that showcased the potential of budget gear when paired with skilled photographers.

Embracing Natural Light: We quickly discovered that shooting with natural light can produce stunning results without the need for elaborate setups. The ease of working with available light allowed us to focus more on capturing the perfect moment rather than wrestling with complex lighting arrangements. Miguel emphasizes the importance of checking camera settings, particularly shooting in RAW, which offers greater flexibility during post-processing.

Leveraging the Strengths of Small-Sensor Cameras: While high-end cameras offer superior image quality, shooting with smaller and more affordable cameras can enhance creativity and agility. Miguel highlights the benefits of these compact setups, including the ability to shoot wide open and the freedom to explore different angles effortlessly. Despite the slight compromise in image quality, social media platforms often compress images, making the distinction less noticeable to the audience.

Making the Most of Entry-Level Gear: Throughout the shoot, we continuously pushed the boundaries of our equipment. Miguel shares how his preference for shooting close to windows allowed him to capture beautiful, mood-filled images. The challenge inspired us to embrace the limitations of our gear and find creative solutions. By using reflections, adjusting angles, and focusing on the model's expressions, we created compelling shots that told captivating stories.

The Power of Editing: After the shoot, Miguel and I reviewed our images. Miguel showcased his favorite shots, each displaying his unique vision and attention to detail. We discussed the potential of further refining the images during the editing process. The post-processing stage is an essential part of photography, where photographers can fine-tune their images to match their artistic vision.

Conclusion: The Budget Photography Gear Shootout provided us with a unique opportunity to explore the potential of this entry-level camera. 


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