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Canon 1DX Mark III vs 1DX Mark II: Should You UPGRADE? (Comparison and Review)

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Canon 1DX Mark III vs 1DX Mark II

As a photographer, one question that's always on my mind is whether I should upgrade my gear. With the recent release of the Canon 1DX Mark III, many photographers might be wondering if it's worth upgrading from the 1DX Mark II. In this blog post, I'll share my thoughts on the matter and compare the two cameras to help you make an informed decision.

First and foremost, it's important to consider whether the upgrade will make your life better and whether your clients will be able to tell the difference between the images and experience. This should be your primary consideration before making any upgrades to your equipment.

In terms of technical specifications, the Canon 1DX Mark III and the 1DX Mark II have a similar megapixel count, but the 1DX Mark III has a 16-point low pass filter and a new DIGIC X processor, which is three times faster in image processing and 380 times faster in computing. The 1DX Mark III also has CF Express dual card slots, which are faster and more reliable but also more expensive.

One significant difference between the two cameras is the frames per second. The 1DX Mark II has 14 frames per second while the 1DX Mark III has 16 frames per second, and even goes up to 20 frames per second when using Y view. This improvement is great for sports photographers or those who photograph wildlife, but it might not be worth upgrading for others.

Another major difference is the silent shutter capability. The 1DX Mark III has a full silent shutter, whereas the 1DX Mark II had a silent mode but still made some noise. This improvement is great for photojournalistic scenarios where silent shutter is required and can be a major selling point for clients who value a quiet shooting experience.

The biggest improvement in the 1DX Mark III, in my opinion, is the autofocus capability. The camera has added face and head detection when shooting through the viewfinder, as well as eye detection when shooting in live view. The LCD is also a touchscreen and there's a new smart controller button that allows you to toggle through the 191 focus points with ease. These focusing enhancements alone make the upgrade worth it in my opinion.

I've been using the 1DX Mark III for a while now and I can confidently say that my photos have come back sharper, even when shooting in lower apertures. The deep learning technology has given me the freedom to shoot in lower apertures and be more confident when shooting moving subjects.

In conclusion, whether or not you should upgrade to the Canon 1DX Mark III depends on your individual needs as a photographer. Consider whether the upgrade will make your life better and whether your clients will be able to tell the difference between the images or experience. While the upgrade may come with some expenses, the improvements in autofocus and silent shutter capabilities make it worth considering for many photographers.

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